Ballroom dance classes in Toronto

ballroom dance classes toronto

What are they ballroom dance?

Ballroom dancing is probably the most graceful and aesthetic sport. It is a sport, despite the fact that referred to as dancing. It is a sport that requires great expenditure of force and energy. Competition in sport dancing, all kinds of Championships, competitions in ballroom dancing keep dancers in tone and shape, learn self-control and composure, raising willpower and faith in victory. And at the same time, this art, mesmerizing and beautiful.

Watching the dancing couple – an incomparable pleasure. Ballroom dance classes is a book that I want to read in one breath. This is music that envelops and takes you far away into a world of dreams and dreams. Ballroom dance is a performance that involves only two actors, a man and a woman. He talks about the feelings, the passion, the relationship of the couple. And therefore always up to date and modern. Mandatory attribute of ballroom dancing is the flooring. Only on the parquet, polished, can flit dancing couples. It should be noted that the flooring is slippery and requires a certain skill and craftsmanship. A novice dancer sometimes hard to resist and not to lose balance during the next PA. Competition ballroom dancing include two types of subjects: European and Latin American dances. The European program of ballroom dancing – slow waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slow Foxtrot and quickstep (fast Foxtrot).

Modern slow waltz was born in the 20 years of the twentieth century in England, and therefore restrained and noble, like a good English tea. Tango is a dance of passion and desire, his grandparents are Argentine and Spanish folk dances. Tango combines the speed and sudden stops, determination and an unexpected change of direction of dance. This dance is strong but sensual gentleman and gentle, but rebellious ladies. Viennese waltz – king ballrooms. The dance is danced on three accounts and different from other a smaller set of elements. However, this is not to say that the dance is simple. This is one of the most difficult dances. Circling on the floor without the jumping and toptani is not given to each pair. The more smoothly moves the pair, so it is more professional. From these dancers impossible to look away. Hard dance is slow Foxtrot. It requires a special respect, and therefore not immediately be dancers.

Only constant training can mitigate the arrogant temper of the Foxtrot. But it’s worth it. This dance a long, continuous and sliding movements. Slow Foxtrot – majestic dance, which is better to perform large spacious sites. And finally, a quick Foxtrot or quickstep), a complete contrast to the slow Foxtrot. Quickstep – dancing sparkling, lively, clear, joyful. The dance of youth and enthusiasm, and therefore must be performed with ease. Latin dance, or, as they say dancers, “latina” is the Samba, cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. Brazilian Samba is the most lively and cheerful dance. Suffice it to recall the dancers Samba at carnival in Rio de Janeiro, in order to understand how the dance is bright and brilliant. Samba is the dance of flirtation and love. Cha-cha-cha, the name of this dance involves the clarity, sharpness, speed. The youngest dance in the program of Latin American dances. Appeared in the merger Rumba and Mamba. Stylish and original dance. Rumba is a dance of passion and love. Perhaps Rumba – Latin soul dance.

The dance was meant to demonstrate the grace, flexibility and, most importantly, the sensuality of the female partner. The role of partner to help her in this. Jive brings the viewer to the bullfight, where the partner is brave bullfighter, and the girl is the embodiment of his strength and composure. Jive – energetic carefree dance, relative rock-n-roll. The Jive inherent active jumps and climbs, sharp change of places and positions. Here they are, ballroom dance classes toronto. It is worth noting that the European programme gentlemen dancing in tuxedos and ladies in ball gowns to the floor. The nature of the Latin American program frivolous, and therefore suits open, bright, free. Teach children to this wonderful sport. Ballroom dancing train all muscle groups, teach endurance and stamina, desire to win, and, of course, bring a sense of beauty! ]



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