What are the benefits of ballroom dance?

ballroom dance




– Physical form. Ballroom Dance – club, and here the children are constantly in motion. So good to dance, you must be able to skillfully use his body to constantly monitor it and improve it. That’s why all of our students are not only talented, but also very smart, prepared and physically educated guys.
– Coordination. As soon as your child will be recorded in our dance Studio, he will begin to learn and develop so essential to each person’s sense of coordination. Fortunately the children grasp new information and skills just did-the-fly, so extraordinary agility, swiftness and high coordination will become their trusted companions through life.
– Good communication skills. The person who is in close contact with their peers and overcomes them together with the same difficulties, learns to behave in a team and to feel the team spirit. Our guys are good at finding a common language between them, avoiding unnecessary quarrels and scandals. All these skills will be useful for your son or daughter throughout life’s journey.
Creative development. The dances were never dry physical exercise. Each dance style is based on a specific, rich and different from our culture. That’s why, doing dances in our club, you not only improve the physical condition of his son or daughter, but spiritually develop it.
– Confidence. Fear of speaking in front of a large audience inherent in each of us, especially children and adolescents. Visiting a dance club, your child will gradually forget their fear. Needless to say that this skill will be useful both at school and at work.
– Responsibility. Like any other regular exercise, dances require the utmost concentration and dedication. We learn not only the correct choreographic movements, but also personal responsibility. Learn to understand that they took on certain responsibilities that need to be held accountable for their actions and understand the concept of “duty”.



Dmitry and Kateryna welcome those who love to dance, those who wish to learn and anyone who shares their passion for dancing.
Silhouette Dance Studio is a place for anyone who loves to dance. Dance lessons and private lessons are available for all ages. We also offer competitive & recreational programs.


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