The usefulness of kids ballroom dancing

kids ballroom dancing

The usefulness of kids ballroom dancing


Start to dance, from almost any age and at any age from the very young to the very distinguished. Kids ballroom dancing is good because it does not require extreme stress : the body of the novice dancer gradually gets used to the increasingly complex challenges that arise in training. In addition, classes at a fast pace and with great physical exertion interspersed with slow, not requiring a high voltage movements.
Dancing perfectly develop coordination . Indeed, very rarely dancers are awkward and clumsy. People involved in dance, well though out in the crowd and will never knocks the legs of a woman with a cart and never will come to the paw dog or cat. The dancer feels comfortable in either a China shop, as well as driving your own car.
Dances contribute to the development of good posture and beautiful gait . Even if you had a chance to see what the dancer enters with a competitive platform hunched over, like a forest gnome, and his partner coalpit – in any case do not think that this is a consequence of dance classes: just partner scary too tight under the arms coat and he, therefore, came during a spin turn his partner on the foot heel – any start coalpit!

Dancing develops respiratory system of the human body . Indeed, the only professional dancers can be worn at breakneck speed on the floor, making intricate PA, and not for a moment stopping to discuss with your partner the multiple shortcomings of their opponents, judges and her partner. Dance classes really help to get rid of regular colds, bronchitis and even make it easier for the disease in people suffering from asthma attacks.

It is known that dancing prolong life , help to maintain the overall tone and preserve human health and cheerfulness to the last days of life. Have you ever ever meet depressive dancer retired? Not going to find it!
What might be dancing harmful, except that nothing?

Alas, the dancers also has weaknesses: it is, oddly enough, legs and spine. In many ways, these weaknesses in our hands. Problems with the feet is, in fact, problems with the shoes. Shoes – this is the most important thing in this sport does not save. Shoes must be soft, comfortable and strictly necessary size and weight. For boys and adult men this is enough for adult women, we can say, too. But the girls and young women there is the problem of heel. Rather, high heel. Of course, high-heeled shoes very flatter the leg, but can cause disease of the foot. Especially must be careful the parents of the girls whose growth is not matched by the growth of the partner and are trying to make taller with heels.

The discrepancy between the growth of the partner and the partner can stimulate the curvature of the spine. Therefore, it is considered that the ideal difference in growth partners 10-15 cm, and this is dictated not only aesthetic concepts, but also a kind of “operational necessity”. However, curvature of the spine can be caused by improper position of the dancers in the European dance so dance is bad – bad for health!

Foot care is a separate section of the life of a dancer, as for the spine, all the dancers are recommended regularly, at least once in two years, a visit to a special doctor. However, for new, existing rules, no dancer may not enter the competition without having in his classification book fresh help from the athletic center.



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