The art of dance. English ballroom dance.

The art of dance. English ballroom dance toronto

The art of dance is the oldest manifestation of folk art, which is born simultaneously with the appearance of man as a natural physiological need in a rhythmic motion.

The dance originated from various movements and gestures associated with the labour processes and emotional experiences of a person from the outside world. Over the centuries, being subjected to artistic generalization, the dance became self-value, and each nation had its own dance traditions.


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“Roots” English ballroom dance can be traced in the English countryside, where there was an early form of folk dance. Quadrille – English folk dance. As the ball was spread in Europe in the nineteenth century and was called the quadrille. Lancieux ( quadrille-lancieux ) – English ballroom dance, which can also be considered an early form of quadrille. When Europeans colonized North America, they brought their dance traditions. Ballroom dancing – angles – the General name of various folk dances of English origin.
dance the quadrille
Ballroom dance, intended for public entertainment, appeared in the fifteenth century in Italy, then spread to France, which in the XVI – XVII centuries became his Queen. Originally ballroom dance was not clearly prescribed form. Was dominated by the so-called “low dance”, often in the form of processions, accompanied by singing, dancing or playing the lute, flute, tambourine, harp, trumpet. Through the art of juggling and Turoverov on the balls penetrated folk dances, prisposobleniya performers to stiffness and etiquette of the court.
high-society ball
Ballroom dancing, as we know them today, originated in England in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Ballroom dance performed by a couple or a large number of participants at dance parties or balls. During this period, the dances were a privilege of high society, an integral feature of fashionable balls. In the late XIX – early XX century, they became popular among the lower strata of society, who visited the public dance halls or public assemblies.


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Ballroom dancing twentieth century has been based on the European dance, which at the turn of XIX-XX centuries breathed new life African and Latin American music and dance culture. The vast majority of modern ballroom dancing has African roots. In the early 20-ies of the last century was the development of a ballroom dance contest. In 1920-ies in England at the Imperial society of teachers of dance originated by a special Board in ballroom dancing. His task was to develop standards for the music, steps and technique of ballroom dancing. British experts have standardized all known by the time the waltz, quick and slow Foxtrot, tango. Thus arose the competitive dance, and since then, ballroom dance podrazdeleniya on two areas – sports and social dance. English waltz or waltz-Boston (slow waltz) owes its origin England, where it is still popular. Its rhythm is very pleasant and easy. Currently, he is an American salon dance lyrical sentimental nature.
multiple world Champions Donnie burns and Gainer of Fauser
In 1930-1950-ies the number of standard ballroom dancing has increased due to the fact that they added five Latin American dances(including Rumba, Samba, Jive, Paso Doble, cha-cha-cha). Quickstep also a native of England, he replaced the old Foxtrot, which was popular in the 30-ies and was a beautiful sample fast dance. The term “Foxtrot” – shaped, means “step of the Fox, quickstep also means “quick step”. This dance is in accordance with a live rhythm requires the Executive lightness and mobility.

Characteristic in the development of modern dance is the fact that they have acquired an international reputation in a relatively short period of time. But now, years later, English dance community has moved away from the secular power of dance and became interested in jazz. Standardization of the basic steps and gradual refinement of techniques of their implementation has led to tremendous progress, and today the English style of ballroom dancing surpasses all others in the world.

Now in ballroom dancing international competitions.

Modern society manifests equally keen interest, as the dances of a variety of ancient cultures and the latest fashion styles and trends…



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