Tango lessons

Tango is one of the most beautiful dances that are only known to mankind. Our tango school will help you learn the basic movements and techniques, but that’s not all! Dance, and especially tango, is impossible without Express their emotions, and therefore without improvisation. Experienced teachers of our school tango (many of which are quite famous in Toronto) will help you to feel comfortable and relaxed, to dance, not looking at clear rules. Tango can be very different – energetic and passionate, romantic and sensual. It all depends on the person who is doing it. Our tango school in Toronto will give You the opportunity to find your own style and stand out not only on the dance floor, but also in everyday life. Learn the rules dance – no!

Our school aims to help You to learn to dance modern Argentine tango, even if You never danced. And surely You will meet new friends, because we support the social aspect of tango. The specificity of the school “tango without rules” We will teach You vigorously move and emotionally Express themselves in movement. You will become better control your body and learn tango as role-playing a dialogue between a man and a woman. Of course, in our school of Argentine tango we will teach You as well and classics – to violate the “rules” in tango, they still need to know!
Types of lessons in our school tango
The tango school in Toronto offers several types of training. First of all this group tango lessons. Tango classes are held in small groups (5-6 pairs), and You can choose your schedule – weekdays or on weekends. If You can’t attend classes regularly at the same time, You are confused by the absence of a partner or simply you prefer to work with a teacher one-on-one, in our tango school, You can take private (individual) lessons.

Girls of our school of Argentine tango invites to class female technique stretchinga. These lessons will be very useful for ladies as they You will have the opportunity to develop and improve their own dancing skills. Lessons stretching also invited and men, because the speed and mobility of the muscles is very useful to present the tanguero!
For those who have already achieved some success in tango lessons and wants to move on, our tango school makes exclusive offer training in group stage tango. Tricks, support, spectacular tango poses and entertainment complex elements that our students learn in these lessons.

Following this the essence of Argentine tango as a social and cultural phenomenon, our school supports communication between our students and off the floor. We are happy when our students celebrate their birthdays in our practice. We also support and extracurricular activities – for example, in the summer the whole school, making trips to nature on the barbecue, and in the winter we go skating. We are especially pleased when our students themselves engage in such activities. Also, all together we did the renovation in our new location. Pictures of these events You can see in the section “Life school”. Of course, our students participate in tango-events – for example, visited the school tango festival organized by the arrival of Argentine tango teachers, who conducted workshops in our school.



Dmitry and Kateryna welcome those who love to dance, those who wish to learn and anyone who shares their passion for dancing.
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