The structure of classical dance lesson

dance lesson

With development of sport (ballroom) dancing, many educators in the training of dancers are more likely to pay attention to the basics of classical dance, which improves coordination, leads to tone all the muscles, develops speed and stability.

Now, consider the structure of classical dance lesson consists of several sections:

1. Exercise the stick, which includes a set of movements used daily in a certain sequence.

Exercise (Franz. “exercice”, “exercer” – to exercise, to develop by exercise) is a set of training exercises that contribute to the development of the muscles and ligaments dancer, raising his coordination.

The complex is composed of (the terms are given in French):

demi plie, grand plie;

– demi plie, grand plie;
– battement tendu, battement tendu jete;
– rond de jambe par terre;
– battement frappe, double frappe;
– rond de jambe en l’air;
– petit battement sur le cous de pied;
– battement developpe;
– grand battement jete.

2. Then the whole exercise is put on the middle of the hall (the execution of the exercises without the machine).

3. Allegro (translated and Italian – fast, lively) is part of the lesson where the train jumps, and in the women’s class, and “fingers”.

To start and finish the lesson should bow: first bow to the teacher, and the second – the pianist (accompanist).



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