Sports and Ballroom Dancing for kids

Sports and ballroom dancing for kids

Today to send your kids to engage in sports ballroom dancing for kids prestigious and popular. The advantage of ballroom dancing is that most children have the capacity for choreography and dance, while the music hearing is not every.

Give ballroom dancing to children?

Ballroom dancing for kids is not only very beautiful and graceful, but also useful for physical, social and moral development of the child: form a correct posture and a beautiful gait, develop a sense of rhythm, foster responsibility, promote social adaptation of the child in the team, accustom to perseverance and concentration.

ballroom dancing for kids

What is the best age to give children in sports dancing

In most dance studios and clubs in ballroom dancing for kids trying to enter kids aged 4-5 years and older. But the age at which it is necessary to give the child in ballroom dancing for children depends primarily on its development.

Children up to 3-4 years old it is difficult to do because of the inability to concentrate, fatigue, poor coordination.
But if Your child is sufficiently developed, can perceive the team coach, musical and he has a good memory, it can be given in the school of ballroom dancing for kids in this age. Experts believe that the best age to start ballroom dancing lessons for children 6 years.

How is the work with children in ballroom dancing

At the age of 5-6 years old children of record in group sports and ballroom dancing. In the first year of training the children are usually dancing one by one, teach basic movements in ballroom dancing and the most basic dances: Slow Waltz, quick Step, cha-Cha-cha and Jive, as well as auxiliary dance: Disco, Polka, Blues. In the second year of studies, when children turn 6-7 years old, the coach puts them in pairs. At this age children begin to participate in the first competitions in ballroom dancing, Beginner.
If the year was a success and the children pair showed a good result, the pair is assigned to the E class, which means that children participate in competitions in ballroom dancing in the four dances: Slow Waltz, quick Step, cha-Cha-cha and Jive. With this class the children are already athletes. They dance sports program of ballroom dancing, actively participate in class, and public groups in competition for children dancing in a group of Children-1.
If this year one of the partners is 10 years old, the couple moves into the next age group: Children-2, in which the competition is much more serious. It is best if the transition of a group of Children 2 children dance couple will enter the class D, which means that children perform at competitions 8 dance: four in the European program – Slow Waltz, tango, Viennese Waltz and quick Step, and four in Latin – Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba and Jive.
ballroom dancing for kids
In the age group of Children-2 couple dancing in just two years, after which, if in the current year, one of the partners turns 12 years old, children dance couple goes to a group of Juniors-1.
In the age group Juniors-1 children dancing almost adult sports program of ballroom dancing. Significantly changing the appearance of costumes, shoes and hairstyles in this age group.



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