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After visiting the next tournament in ballroom dancing, watching another news, results and intrigue, answering questions many friends again ask ourselves the question about the errors associated with ballroom dancing. And the question arose rather from the answers. Let’s look at the current myths about ballroom dancing.

Myth # 1. The posture.

The most widespread opinion among the citizens: “I Want to give the baby up for ballroom dancing, so he was correct posture for life. Theoretically, the opinion is correct. But do not forget that the benefits of dance classes can be felt only when systematic, regular practice over a long period of time and a good coach. Unfortunately, there are “teachers” who do not benefit, only harm to children due to their incompetence. There was a case when, after the “right” coach of the girl’s turnout in the feet was just in the ankle joint, the knee when the first position was not even going to change his primary position.

Myth # 2. Ballroom dance – not necessarily the sport.

It is believed that sports and ballroom dancing things are not compatible, and that the beauty of them in concert rooms and shows. Of course, there are groups advocating only festival and concert activity, not taking part in the competition. But when comparing dance betow, level pairs is much greater than the skill of the dancers monotonous speakers at concerts. Because it is competition time stimulates forces to improve both independently and the couple find each other contact, your style and grow in skill from one tournament to another. For what, then, can I enroll my child in ballroom dancing, realizing that he is nothing to learn in the “non-sports” teams? The answer is obvious – the high cost of dances. And this is the next myth.

Myth # 3. Ballroom dance is expensive.

Yes, ballroom dancing is one of the most beautiful and expensive sports. The high cost of costumes, dresses, shoes, accessories is one of the main articles “budget” dancing couples. In addition, dancers must pay their own travel, accommodation and meals. After all, the state financial does not support Dancesport, at least at the regional level. Each tournament organizer to have to deal with finding sponsors, and if there are none, all costs are factored into the cost of start-up fees and entrance fees for competitions. So the main reason for the high cost of ballroom dancing – their samookupaemo.

Myth # 4. Ballroom dance is a business.

Of course ballroom dancing is a business like any other type of activity. Even the creation of a charitable Foundation is a business. For the collection of money, all company workers such funds often leave yourself 10% of the collected money for their own needs – salaries, maintenance, etc., So don’t blame the coaches, organizers of competitions, dance stores and their relationship to each other. There is a dance industry and infrastructure, and have a business at all.

Myth # 5. Results bought.

As often as you can hear the outrage of parents and dancers of pre-planned and bought by the results of the competitions in ballroom dance . To say that this does not happen. But to say that it happens all the time is also not true. Ballroom dancing is a subjective sport and evaluated the experience, knowledge and personal vision of judges as part of the approved rules. The current system of scoring maximum smoothes the difference, but with certain personal collusion dance judges no system will help. Recently, the organizers are trying to deal with such variations inviting independent judges, etc.




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