Kids Ballroom Dance

Kids ballroom dance

Kids Ballroom Dance by Silhouette Dance Studio


To be able to dance want absolutely everyone, regardless of age, profession and Hobbies. Everyone dreams to slow dance from simple marking time in one place turned into a romantic and inspiring flight in motion. Giving your kid up for classes, ballroom dancing, you give him the opportunity to fulfill their dreams into reality. Who knows, maybe he will join the ranks of Champions in ballroom dancing! But even if the dance will not be his profession, Your child will thank you later for the opportunity. Because of the plastic, the rhythm, the ability to move and feel the music will remain with him all his life. And what a joy to watch dance your children! Is this little Princess in a beautiful ball gown and lacquered shoes on heels is your daughter? Her hair is gathered in a beautiful hairstyle, face beaming smile, she moves smoothly, gracefully and at the same time Flirty, like a real lady. And next to it a little gentleman, with knowledge he invites her on a tour of the waltz. This boy – gallant! Yes, he’s only eight years old, but even at this age in dancing he will leave behind most adults. Your children are the real stars of the parquet!



Dmitry and Kateryna welcome those who love to dance, those who wish to learn and anyone who shares their passion for dancing.
Silhouette Dance Studio is a place for anyone who loves to dance. Dance lessons and private lessons are available for all ages. We also offer competitive & recreational programs.


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