In the ranking of the most popular women’s hairstyles for tango lessons got:

short hair
hairstyle with a pronounced long tail
stylish and accurate beam
model laying “shell”
sleek flowing hair with a light styling


Short hair is subject to proper installation, which is done after shampooing with mandatory moistening the hair. The required shape is achieved with the help of special funds, which cover slightly damp hair. When dry they consolidate the results. Mandatory attribute is the presence of flowers or pins, which once again draws the eye to the extravagant appearance.


To obtain the effect of the present cauda equina, you need to clean the hair, apply the conditioner to your hair and dry them in the dryer with a round brush, then using a conventional hair straighteners. Perfect smooth curls combed back, gather and fasten on top of the gum. As accessories will suit the living flower. If the hair is initially curly, the best option would be giving kudryashka complete by applying the mousse. Use foam. And then, there is a tail in the same pattern.


To create a classic beam to clean the entire length of hair is treated with a special gel for styling. It is better if the hair is slightly damp. Smooth comb they combed back and gather into a ponytail using an elastic band. Wrapping it several times around the gum is collected beam. Fixed hairstyle using different pins, decorated with rhinestones and a small amount of varnish or by special mesh. There is an option when a few curls to the formation of the beam remains the person.


More complicated variant of the shell. Clean wet hair dries hair dryer and combed to one side. Along the line of the parting fasten stealth. Then, comb the remaining hair, which is shifted in the opposite direction and ends with varnish are folded inward and mesh decorated hairpins.



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