Dmitry Ilyushenov

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing


Dmitry Ilyushenov, originally from Tomsk Russia, was born into a family of Ballroom and Latin dance professionals, who became Siberian and Ukrainian Ballroom Champions. He started dancing at the early age of 6 and has being on the dance floor ever since.


As Dmitry says, “If you are in dancing that long, and make it your career of choice; you better really love it. It requires a lot of effort and patience, but it is totally worth it.”
He also believes that learning dancing isn’t hard, but continuous steady practice is what is important.


His rich life includes being an experienced dance instructor, certified judge, successful competitor, loving father & husband; every day he encourages and trains dancers, while always finding the time to personally practice and continually improve his skills.


Dmitry continues to have a successful competitive career in both Ballroom and Latin styles with Championship Awards in Siberia, Moscow, Ukraine, United States, and Canada. In November 2014, with his wife Kateryna Stytsenko, they became the Canadian Champions in the American Smooth dance style, which requires the combination of elements and qualities of several dance disciplines.


Did you watch movie “Shall We Dance”? It’s about Ballroom Dancing, the life of dance teachers, and it of course includes a love story! Dmitry was privileged to be included as both dance instructor and assistant choreographer for many of the leading actors in the movie, including Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Ann Walter, Stanley Tucci, Omar Miller, and Tony Dovolani.
He enjoyed teaching this elegant dance style and helping to make this movie so spectacular. He’s proud to say he was also one of the dancers actually in “Shall We Dance”. Along with all the other great dancing in the movie, he danced Waltz and Quickstep along with all the famous actors, truly a fantastic experience!
You can also find him in some scenes of “Take the Lead” with Antonio Banderas. While a lot of fun, it was also a learning experience for Dmitry, to be part of the whole movie making process, and see how people who are not a dancers, view dancing from outside of the dance world.
Here are some photos and video footage from these dance movies as Dmitry worked in them.
In 2008, with his wife Kateryna, they also had a privilege to work with Jean-Marc Généreux on the Canadian TV project “So You Think You Can Dance Canada “. They both also wished they could additionally participate as contestants, but unfortunately life circumstances at the time didn’t allow it.
Currently Dmitry teaches many adults, who come to learn to dance as a physical exercise, and also enjoy the benefits of anti-stress therapy. Many people, who come to learn just a few new dance steps, often find themselves performing and even competing at an international level to the surprise of many including themselves!



He believes that everyone can dance, and has the knowledge, tools and results to prove it. Age isn’t a factor at all. What better way to relieve stress & lose some weight while moving to a popular song, and creating great connections with other people. Sounds like Fun! Health Fun!




Dmitry and Kateryna welcome those who love to dance, those who wish to learn and anyone who shares their passion for dancing.
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