Hip-hop – Extremely fun and energetic class.One of the most popular kid dance lessons styles now days.Combination of Jazz,acrobatic elements,Street dance,as well as free style dance moves which is danced under trendy hip-hop music makes choreography fun to dance and perform!!

Acro (acrobatics) – This class is great for improving flexibility,developing strength and control of the body . Acro class together with Jazz and Hip-hop and fun music,makes the dance look outstanding.Class include –learning back bridge and recovery,hand stands,elbow stands,cartwheels,hand walks ,aerials,double -tricks,and other advanced acro tricks .

Jazz – is one of the most important style for dancers. Combines classical and modern dances.Includes learning of body isolations,split leaps,pirouettes,turns,kicks and etc.Over all it really helps to improve and compliment every other dance form.

Ballroom and Latin dance – is a world of class,tradition,and passion.Formal dancing in couples.Popular as recreational and also as competitive activity,includes dances as: waltz, tango,foxtrot,quickstep,v.waltz and cha-cha,samba,rumba,jive ,swing,paso – doble.At this classes we work on technique of hips action,body ,arms,feet.Combine steps with technique of each step together with music in couple. All forms of ballroom and latin dances,are expressions of feelings,thoughts and emotions.

Ballet – an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly set steps and gesturers .Highly technical form of dance consist of the choreography and music for ballet production.It developing great body posture ,muscles,and sense of centre.

Break dancing for boys – very popular for boys.One of the styles of street dance,which was designed and developed as part of hip hop form of dance.Involving top -rock, down -rock ,power moves ,and freezes.

combination recreational classes – specially designed class for kids who would like to explore different kind of dance forms .It includes combination of acro gymnastics/hip hop/or ballroom/ latin /acro, or acro/jazz,acro/hip -hop and etc. this class is great to start with.Its fun energetic keeps child in great physical shape!



Dmitry and Kateryna welcome those who love to dance, those who wish to learn and anyone who shares their passion for dancing.
Silhouette Dance Studio is a place for anyone who loves to dance. Dance lessons and private lessons are available for all ages. We also offer competitive & recreational programs.


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