Dance lessons for kids – minimum survival kit

dance lessons for kids

Like any part of our active life, coming to the dance lessons for kids requires a carry set some things. What you need to take a journey through the world of dance school, and why does it need to take – these are the questions that are answered in this article.
So, the first number of the list – removable shoes. In order to dance hustle, it is not necessary to immediately buy a special dance shoes, however, you want to practice “change”. Dirty dance floor for dancing terrible shoes from the street in the hall is not the place.
It is advisable to bring clothes for training. Because physical activity during lessons decent enough, can guarantee you that you will come down to “seven sweats”. As for me – to walk in the wet after the class t-shirt is not quite pleasant. To hustle the style of clothing does not matter – the main thing is that you in this dress was comfortable. But, try to avoid the sweat pants with extended knees and t-shirts alcoholics – it’s still dancing!
Water… water Bottle will provide significant assistance to the dance lessons. We lose a large amount of fluid, dehydrated body cannot tolerate exercise, gets tired quickly. When you feel thirsty, it means that you took more than a liter of water. If you do not fill water loss before it happens, at the end of the workout instead of a pleasant feeling of fatigue in the body (muscle of joy”) you will just fatigue from exercise.
The towel. It makes sense to periodically remove excess perspiration from hands, face and neck. Dry hands will help you to better keep in contact in pairs, dry face and neck more than just aesthetic.
Very long hair can severely interfere with the partners in the dance, so if you have such hair, a few pins and comb will be very useful.
Brush for clothes and shoes will help you maintain a neat appearance (even during training, it is useful to keep track of their appearance, maintaining the correct habit).
It may be useful to have a Notepad and pen. In some cases, the camera or camcorder also does not hurt (just remember that not all dance classes are allowed to videotape, be sure to ask teachers and those who can get into the frame about the appropriateness video recording).
It is useful to have a travel kit for hygiene and deodorant, there is always the possibility that you will not be able to take home before class.
And, finally, an emergency supply in the form of chocolate bars. Energy during the dance, they use a lot, sometimes you want a bite to eat after class. In this case, and there is “NC”.
Hope tentative list of needed for lesson dance things, will help the reader to establish the “minimum survival kit”with which you can confidently surf the dance floor.




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