Dance lessons for kids – the importance of warm-up


dance lessons for kids

Often dissatisfied with cries of newcomers making their first steps in dance over warm up in training at the dance school. In this article I will tell you what you need to warm up, as it will help you to get the correct movement patterns, and unleash the body to give energy and for classes, and for life outside the dance hall.

We can keep on discussing that a warm up should be reduced over time, as people come to classes at a dance school in order to study the dance, and not to push yourself in class dances additional physical exercises. On it I have reasoned my years of experience neurologist response.

In my work I often have to face the consequences of sports injuries. Most injuries provoked by the man himself, a few months or years won a ball in hand or not becoming on skis, which suddenly thrown into the sport and gets exacerbation of discogenic radiculitis or what is worse, instead of health.
Any physical exercise must begin with a warm-up for the formation of correct movement patterns and prepare the muscles to carry the load. A good warm-up to a few pots helps to prevent injuries during training.
Warm up on the dance lessons for kids will involve the muscle groups that modern man has little use. Thanks to regular running workout you will get the chance to make your body more attractive. Those, who forms the body, and so perfect, warm up will help to keep the body in good shape.
As for teaching dance – workout contains elements of dance movements that over time you will have to do. To make you dance look natural, beautiful, and danced with apparent ease, take three to five thousand repetitions of each movement. Can calculate yourself how many hours you will need for developing good motor skills.
During the warm-up, movement committed to the music that teaches correctly to get into the rhythm, move musically.
Thanks to the workout you will get the skills to maintain the correct balance of body, improve your coordination.



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