Competitive Program in Silhouette Dance studio

At this program will gain techniques and steps that never be seen on social dance- floor. It is like those celebrities on “Dancing With the Stars”! No partner required… Dance and compete with your teacher!


Group Dance Classes

Dance with your teacher, no partner necessary.
Tired of watching other people all the fun? Our adult dance programs will get you out of your seat and onto the floor! Dance with confidence to any music on any occasion.
120$ per eight weeks sessions


Social Programs

Introductory Special

Program For the first time students only. we offer an introduction to social dancing. This package is designed
to introduce you to few dances, our teaching methods and the dance studio, so you can decide if this is something
you will enjoy. Through five hours of private instruction, you will learn learn the basic footwork of 4-6 dances of the most popular social dances.
The intro special must be used within 60 days. Only one intro-special per person or couple.

Fundamental Program

This program is the basis of social dancing. By the time you complete this level, you will hold your own in any social situation. Through an understanding of the basic movement of dance, you will be completely at ease on the dance floor. The fundamental package includes the dances that will cover you socially anywhere in the world.

Bronze Program

This is the master social level. You will be able to dance with anybody, anywhere, to any music. You will be knowledgeable and accomplished technically.


Semi-Private Group Dance Classes

Appeal to a group of friends who want to learn together. From 4-40 people, we arrange the time that suits your schedule. Prices vary according to number of students and level of dance requested.
Please call Silhouette Dance Studio for more details.

5 (1)

Wedding Program

From FoxTrot to Salsa, we will create a first dance experience that you will never forget. At Silhouette we do our very best to make your entire experience is a memorable one. Wedding choreography offers a great opportunity for you to step out of your hectic schedules, slow down and – as a couple – learn your dance in a fun, relaxed environment. We offer a variety of dances styles to fit your perfect wedding. Call for consultation and one free dance lesson: 647-895-8922
Private dance lessons for the couple
This special wedding package will help you refine your dance.