Clash in the competition and how to avoid it

Ballroom dancing for kids

Ballroom dancing for kids

Clash in the competition

– one of the most unpleasant situations in our originally secular action. In our days, when ballroom dance studio toronto are a sporting event, the problem of collision on the floor becomes vital, because athletes around the world, primarily guided by the Olympic motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Sports passion and desire to win, emotional arousal and “smell” adrenaline makes people often blind, unable to realistically assess the situation. Of course, the sport without risk is not possible. Then get ready for the “cost of production” in the form of ridiculous injuries and bruises, fractures and dislocations, which are unlikely to betray our sport attractiveness and popularity.


Agree that the most admired of the Duo, who knows how deftly, without losing quality and strength of the movement, out of any difficult situation. The British called this art “floor craft, literally” ownership parquet”. Let’s look at some of the basic points that have to know any dancer, going to the competition Dancesport.



Rules of movement on the floor.


All the couples dancing in the hall, should move in the same direction, along the Line of Dance, against “clockwise”.
In European and Latin dances, the couples have to move on their half of the audience (like moving cars with right-hand traffic), without crossing the center line of the hall (mentally spent a dividing strip).
When moving back, the Man is obliged to make sure that his pair will not prevent their often active movement of the other pairs.
During the execution of dance opportunities do not stop at the Line of Dance. At the very least, try as soon as possible to leave the flooring, if circumstances force you to stop.
Skip forward dynamically moving a couple.
Don’t move in the place of the hall, where the couple takes the shape line.
Be polite on the floor.
The construction of the choreography.


One of the main conditions for safe movement in the dance hall is the correct construction of the choreography, which takes the pair. Choreography must meet the following basic requirements:

Choreography must be “spread out” around the room to dance pair easily moved along each side of the hall, moving along Line of Dance.

The choreography is unacceptable intersection dance hall from one corner to the other diagonally across the center of the hall.
The choreography must be the minimum number of figures executable against Line of Dance.
If a collision is inevitable, then in this situation, the partner must show their masculinity: it would be better if the collision will take it, having put his back or side, but in any case not a partner. Try to protect it from collisions. Close from hitting her head with her hands. She will be grateful to you and will appreciate your action. Better if you try gently to stop moving on you a couple of hand (hands). But in any case not push their opponents on the floor.


If a collision has occurred, try to maintain emotional and physical balance. Smile paired with which you are faced, and if the collision occurred due to your fault, apologize, help me stand, if one of the partners fell. Just be polite and remember that “people treat You as You treat them”. The most ridiculous and inexcusable collision – a collision with a pair of performing shape-line on the spot.


Learn maneuvering on the floor on the dance practices. Try as often as possible to practice in the hall where a lot of dancing couples.

Learn how to change the choreography, both in Europe and in Latin. The teacher-coach must show You and teach You some figures that help to painlessly change Your choreography. Don’t dance is constantly the same choreography ballroom dance studio toronto.

Learn from the examples of other pairs to avoid collisions and take it into service.


Partner should always know their place on the court, to possess, to be able to anticipate, learn to feel back to listen to the signals his partner.




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