Adult dancing lessons

For the adult who is looking for a different kind of exercise, we have two standards of Toronto Ballet class. The beginners/improver’s class will take you through the basics of Ballet and build on the technique as the weeks progress (45 minute class). The experienced class is aimed at experienced dancers, grade 6 and above (1 hour class). You will be learning Ballet steps from the exercises at the barre to centre work including port de bras (arm movements), Adage (slow movements) and Allegro (jumping movements).
If you wish to take exams additional private lessons would be required (please see your teacher). Our adult classes are also given the opportunity to perform in our Christmas show, should all members of the class agree. Don’t panic, it’s not compulsory! Please wear dance wear such as leggings and leotard or sports top and soft leather ballet shoes with elastics sewn on (we do sell ballet shoes here, please call to check we have your size)

Kids dancing lessons

Ballet has to be the most physically demanding of all the dance styles, yet the poise and grace it teaches helps all other dance forms. Children often are drawn to dancing firstly wanting to emulate Angelina Ballerina or stars such as Darcey Bussell, but Ballet is essential to any student wanting to follow dance as a career, as well as improving posture and strength generally. Ballet is therefore compulsory for any student wishing to study Modern and Jazz.

At ACS students usually start with one ballet class per week up to Grade 2 and then at Grade 3 or above take two or more ballet classes per week. (second ballet class free) At Anthony Clifford Studios we follow the Syllabus of the ISTD, seven grades in the children’s syllabus (Primary to Grade 6) and for those interested in professional training there are the Vocational Graded Examinations at Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

You can start ballet at 3 years old in our Baby Ballet class, these classes help to develop the sense of dance, poise and musicality using simple natural movements and mime, always fundamental to ballet. Children join in with singing nursery rhymes with actions. In fact so much fun is had in these classes that the students don’t realize that they are actually learning a strong foundation in ballet technique. Pre Primary Ballet is suitable for ages 5 and 6 and from then on children follow the exam system. We also have a Teenage beginners Ballet class for late starters.

Whilst our grade ballet kids dancing lessons can cater for all ages below 16, we also have adult ballet classes for those who decide to take up ballet at a later. As with all our classes feel free to check out our timetable, you can always contact us by phone or email to discuss which classes to attend. There maybe a waiting list in operation for certain classes, so it is a good idea to call first.



Dmitry and Kateryna welcome those who love to dance, those who wish to learn and anyone who shares their passion for dancing.
Silhouette Dance Studio is a place for anyone who loves to dance. Dance lessons and private lessons are available for all ages. We also offer competitive & recreational programs.


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